deep expertise in container
automation, simulation abd serverless technologies

We build tools so you don't have to. If you need something but lack skills or people - we can help.

at scale

Kubernetes and OpenShift deployment/management automation. We build tools that integrate with the platform to provide networking, persistent storage, analytics and secret management.

Webhook Relay -
Connecting anything to everything

Persistent endpoints, accepting and streaming webhooks to public and private destinations. Built on top of rock-solid technologies such as Go, GRPC, PostgreSQL and Kubernetes. Providing unprecedented speed and throughput to development and production environments. Try it.

Self-hosted Function as a Service
Turn any image into an API

With EVOC FaaS solution you can turn any Docker image into a scalable, self-managing API endpoint in seconds. Built with Go, Nats and Docker. Platform agnostic by design. More information coming soon.

Always available to talk

But due to large number of ongoing projects - any help will have to be coordinated and queued. In the mean time - check out our projects.